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Project Description
An add-in for Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems to improve productivity, particularly when maintining existing diagrams.

Enterprise Architect (EA) is IMHO the best UML Modelling tool on the market, but occasionally it can be really tedius when making changes to diagrams or using existing elements on new diagrams. I started this project to enable sharing of an add-in I created to improve the productivity in these areas for the design team at where I was working at the time. I introduced EA to the team and took on the mantle of mentor with regard to using the tool and getting the most out of it. So when the guys started asking how to speed up things my answer was "create an add-in" so here is that add-in.

As an example of the sort of scenario where SpEAd can help. You have documented reuirements in EA and created several complex diagrams to meet these requirements. Now you want to create traceability diagrams to show which elements realise requirements. So you create the diagram and drag a few requirements on to it, then you drag the classes that realise these requirements. Some of the requirements are associated with others through aggregation, and classes are associated to each other in varying ways, so you have many links on the diagram that you don't want to see. Without SpEAd you have to select each link in turn and hide it using menu options or key strokes. With SpEAd installed you simply select "Hide Links" from Tools>SpEAd, click Select All and OK in the dialog that appears and all the links are hidden, saving you several minutes. Now you have a link free diagram to work with, you create realise links between the elements and requirements and realise your default link style looks pretty untidy. Layout diagram doesn't quite get what you want so you move your elements around and want to change the style of all links to a Vertical Tree. Without SpEAd you have to select each link in turn and use the mouse or key strokes to change the style. With SpEAd installed you simple select Tools>SpEAd>Set Link Style All, choose a style from the selector dialog that appears and click OK. All links are changed in one operation, again saving you several minutes.

Currently SpEAd provides the following features
  • Set Link Style All
  • Set Link Style (Enables selection of links to style)
  • Hide Links
  • Unhide Links
  • Link To Multiple
  • Link Multiple To
  • Sync Operations and Attributes (v1.1)
  • Copy Operations and Attributes (v1.2)
  • Hide Link Labels All (v1.2)
  • Unhide Link Labels All (v1.2)
  • Hide Link Labels (v1.3)
  • Unhide Link Labels (v1.3)

Project Founder
Mike Hanson

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